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SPEC Group - 50th Anniversary - 4 March 2021

Surface Preparations Equipment and Coatings (Pty) Ltd, or as it is known in the market as just SPEC (which is the Projects company and also the mother Company of the SPEC Group) will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary on 4 March 2021.

Over the past 50 years, SPEC Group has grown into a multi-disciplinary force supplying turn-key projects to our customers. This all started 50 years ago as a single small company and now the Group consists of 6 companies and a property trust. While SPEC’s services and operations have expanded, our underlying principles have remained constant. We are proud to celebrate our 50-year milestone with our employees, clients, and partners—and look forward to the next 50 years!  

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  • 50th Birthday
    50th Birthday

Supply of Chesterton products – Western Cape [December 2020] 

Mechanical Seal replacement 

Customer: Municipality in the Western Cape 

Requirement: The client refurbished one of their bulk water supply pumps and wanted reliable sealing solutions for the newly refurbished pumps 

Solution: Chesterton 442 split mechanical seal. The flagship product of the world leader in split seal technology. Patented, innovation in split seal technology, combining superior seal performance with the ease of installation of a cartridge split seal.

  • IMG-20210201-WA0020

 New seal installed    

  • IMG-20210201-WA0016

 Position of the rotary seal    

  • IMG-20210201-WA0014

 Parts of the Chesterton 442 Split Mechanical Seal 


CONTRACT NO. MLM/2018-2019/INFRA/004 

The Alicedale WTW Project was started on the 5th of April 2019 and completed on the 30th of July 2020 and the scope of the works were to upgrade and modernise the water treatment plant to supply clean potable drinking water to the community of Alicedale.

The scope of the works was extremely broad and challenging due to the fact that the water treatment works is spread out across the whole entire town of Alicedale, this included refurbishing, upgrading and installing completely new installations relating to the following 
dissiplines of water purification.

In a broad outline the following items were addressed, the upgrading and repairs to the Control Building, Settlement Tanks, Clarifiers, pipe lines, valves, valve boxes, pumps, electrical works including a new state of the art flocculation system to name but a few items addressed at the main Water Treatment Works.

All the existing water reservoirs were cleaned, repaired, upgraded and sanitised the acceptable water treatment standards.

The main final clean water reservoir was stripped of its old badly deteriorating roof, cleaned and a new Shukuma pre-stressed concrete roof was installed with a 250 ton crane. ( Please see photos herewith )

The old decommissioned water reservoir on the mountain providing water to the Kwanonzwakasi community was completely demolished and a new 360m3 HDG pressed metal reservoir was erected and commissioned in its place.

The existing sandfilters were completely refurbished and a new state of the art Gas Chlorination System was installed and commissioned and tested.

A new borehole was drilled outside town, including the construction of a Solar Panel Tower installation to supply power to the borehole pump station and a 1.80 km pipeline was laid from the borehole to the Water Treatment Works to be an extra supply of water to the community.

The Total Value of the project was R 16 810 491.65.

The Client Makana Municipality was extremely satisfied with the end result and commended SPEC as HIGLY RECOMMENDED in the post Contract Report.

  • Bore hole solar tower at completion
    Bore hole solar tower at completion
  • Official hand over of turn key project
    Official hand over of turn key project
  • Bridge pump station new pumps during fitment
    Bridge pump station new pumps during fitment
  • Clear water reservoir new roof installation II
    Clear water reservoir new roof installation II
  • New reservoir receiving concrete to new bases
    New reservoir receiving concrete to new bases
  • Clear water reservoir new roof installation
    Clear water reservoir new roof installation

SPEC Hardware 4th birthday 1 July 2020

SPEC Hardware celebrated its 4th birthday on 1 July 2020. To celebrate this day, we handed out free goodie bags with each purchase.

We had a Facebook competition where clients and followers had to like, comment and share our birthday post in order to be entered into our competition to win one of 2 great prizes. The winners of our Facebook competition were: Noleen Bouah and Belinda van der Bank. Congratulations to our winners. 

  • IMG_20200716_095215_1

Noleen’s husband collected her prize on her behalf.

SPEC Open day February 2020

On 21 February 2020 the SPEC Group had an Open Day for both client and public to come and see what services we offer at our premises in Perseverance (Port Elizabeth); we had so much fun. We had over 15 supplier stalls, 4 food stalls, live displays every 20 minutes and a lot of lucky draws throughout the day. 

The feedback we received afterwards was very positive. “Luister FM” (an local radio station) also did a live broadcast from our premises on that day to do some Marketing and invite more visitors. There is so much photos we can share but below are some highlights of the day. 

We as the SPEC Group would like to thank everyone once again for all the support on the Open day and for the past 50 years.

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On 17 February 2019 SPEC Hardware (Pty) Ltd became the sole distributor of Chesterton Products for the areas of Eastern Cape and Western Cape. SPEC Hardware maintain complete inventory of Chesterton Products and also employs full-time knowledgeable Chesterton Specialists who are trained in the technical aspects of the business and in troubleshooting. 

On 1 March 2019 Spec Hardware opened a branch in Cape Town to supply and service clients in the Western Cape. 

Product Specialists (Sales & Technical Representatives) :

Western Cape : 

Eshaam Smith (Cell no. 083 564 6009) 

E-mail : Eshaam.hardware@spec.co.za

  • IMG-20190827-WA0001
  • IMG-20190827-WA0010
  • IMG-20190827-WA0011
  • IMG-20190827-WA0012

SPEC Group Corumana dam, Mozambique - June 2019

SPEC Group extended its expertise and experience abroad for the first time with a contract at the Corumana dam in Mozambique. The project is funded by the Word Bank. SPEC is responsible for work on the Refurbishment of Corumana Outlet works Hydro Mechanical Equipment (Contract title). SPEC commenced work on the 21 st June 2019 with 3 teams working permanent on site.

  • IMG-20190918-WA0001
  • IMG-20190918-WA0002
  • IMG-20190918-WA0008
  • IMG-20190918-WA0012
  • IMG-20190918-WA0018
  • IMG-20190918-WA0017

SPEC Group SPCA Donations - May 2019

SPEC Group made a fantastic donation to show their support to our Furry Friends at the SPCA Uitenhage. We also gave them a R2000 voucher to use at our SPEC Hardware store. This was an amazing team effort and always nice to give back to our community. 

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SPEC Fleet Vehicles - 2018 & 2019

SPEC Group added more than 10 new Vehicles to our Fleet in 2018 & 2019. Most of the fleet are Ford Rangers because we use them on the project sites. Some other vehicles we added to our fleet is VW Polo & BMW x4. All of our vehicles are branded with our Company details. 

  • IMG-20190123-WA0003
  • IMG_20170507_171848
  • WhatsApp Image 2019-09-20 at 09.34.43
    WhatsApp Image 2019-09-20 at 09.34.43
  • WhatsApp Image 2019-09-20 at 09.34.45
    WhatsApp Image 2019-09-20 at 09.34.45
  • WhatsApp Image 2019-09-20 at 09.34.47(1)
    WhatsApp Image 2019-09-20 at 09.34.47(1)

Chesterton Open Day - March 2018

SPEC had a Ceramic Polymer Open day for some of our big Clients which was a practical session in our workshop where we showed the application of the different products by a representative of Ceramic Polymers from Germany.

  • DSC_1171
  • DSC_1173
  • DSC_1175
  • DSC_1177
  • DSC_1184
  • DSC_1191

Ceramic Polymer Award - January 2018

AW Chesterton Kick off meeting in Rome, Arnold Avenant (SPEC Group) and Woldemar Haak (Ceramic Polymer). SPEC receiving the Ceramic Polymer Top Sales and Distributor award for Sub Saharan Africa.

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  • MG_1207
  • MG_1212
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  • Award-Chesterton