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Valve Packing 

1400R Reinforced Braided Graphite Tape Packing

Chesterton 1400R is a unique reinforced braided graphite tape packing with a corrosion inhibitor. The carbon yarn reinforcement is provided within the graphite tape yarn, as well as the braided construction. 1400R forms a homogeneous mass under gland pressure, so that leakage cannot penetrate the packing set. The all carbon/graphite set withstands higher shaft speeds while limiting shaft friction. The structural carbon fiber reinforcement prevents extrusion when 1400R sets are installed in valves at higher pressures. In addition to its excellent sealing capabilities in rotating equipment, 1400R is a superior valve sealing material. This dual purpose design makes it a truly universal mechanical packing.


  • Self-lubricating
  • Reduces pump flush water use
  • 1400 offers guaranteed emissions control capability in valves



GraphMax Structurally Reinforced Graphite Packing

GraphMax™ is an interbraided graphite packing. Carbon yarns are incorporated in the braided structure in a way that allows very tight braiding and corner reinforcement that improves the strength of the packing. This dramatically improves the packing’s resistance to extrusion and blow out, one of the limitations with traditional flexible graphite tape packings and can be used in demanding rotating applications in for instance the Power, Pulp and Paper and Ore Processing Industries where temperature and pressure resistance can be required in combination with chemical and abrasion resistance.


  • Exclusive Construction for Plantwide Use in Pumps and Valves
  • Sealing and Extrusion Resistance without Wire Reinforcement
  • Self-Lubricating
  • Better Abrasion Resistance in Slurry Applications


477-1 Continuous Filament Carbon Yarn Packing

Chesterton 477-1 carbon fiber packing combines a new yarn formulation with superior blocking agents. New low modulus yarn provides the strength associated with continuous filament carbon fibers plus greater flexibility. This makes 477-1 strong yet pliable, without the brittleness of conventional carbon packings .477-1 incorporates a high purity dispersion of inorganic platelets which prevent penetration of gases or liquids through the packing. Interbraid construction locks these blocking agents within the packing ring.


  • Strong, yet pliable, continuous filament carbon yarn
  • Unique inorganic blocking agent ​​​​​stops gas/liquid penetration
  • Molybdenum-based corrosion inhibitor prevents stem pitting



1622 Low Emissions Reinforced Graphite Packing

Block valve fugitive emissions are effectively reduced with this high performance valve stem packing from AW Chesterton. Constructed from an Inconel reinforced graphite, 1622 is a non-hardening, flexible packing that will not shrink or absorb moisture. Provided as a single spool solution, 1622 is easy to install and can be used to standardize your block valve stem packings, thereby reducing inventories and installation errors caused by selecting the wrong packing.


  • API 622 tested and qualified
  • Fire safe to API 607
  • ChevronTexaco Standard tested and passed
  • Valve Packing Emission Warranty



Chesterton 1600 Graphite Valve Packing

Superior Leakage Control, This graphite valve packing features advanced construction for superior leakage control and high integrity:​​ Layers of graphite tape are plied into compact strands. Each strand is reinforced with an Inconel® wire mesh covering. Strands are square plait braided to form a dense pliable packing and further enhanced with blocking agents. The packing's exterior is densely coated with lubricating agents to reduce stem friction .A passive corrosion inhibitor is applied to prevent valve stem


  • Superior emissions control over thousands of cycles
  • Fire safe: passes API 589 standards at API 607 temperatures and pressures as tested by an independent laboratory
  • Easy installation and extrusion resistance in a single-spool packing
  • Proven in high-pressure, high-temperature steam service​