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Split Mechanical Seals 

442 & 442C Split Mechanical Seals

The Chesterton 442C™ Cartridge Split Mechanical Seal is the latest innovation in split seal technology, combining superior seal performance with the ease of installation of a cartridge split seal. Chesterton's patented split seal technology addresses the inherent limitations found in conventional cartridge split seal designs, minimizing installation complications and excessive leakage.


  • Cartridge design simplifies installation and provides superior sealing reliability
  • Eliminate equipment tear down and Easy field repair
  • No packing maintenance of break-in requirements
  • Eliminate shaft and sleeve wear
  • Reduce or eliminate flush water usage
  • Proven technology for reliable operation and Increased operational performance

442M Mixer Split Seal

The Chesterton 442M Split Mixer Seal has been designed from the ground-up to be the benchmark for split seal performance in mixing and agitating equipment. The 442M split mixer seal is specifically designed to reliably perform in those services which routinely exhibit large amounts of radial shaft runout. Large internal clearances allow radial shaft movement without damaging seal components.


  • Food-grade mechanical sealing
  • No equipment disassembly
  • Designed to handle the high runout conditions of mixers and agitators
  • Predictable performance across Vacuum and pressure ranges
  • Patented automatic centering
  • Exclusive design features ensure maximum performance
  • Compact seal design occupies minimum space


442PR Split Pumping Ring Seal

The 442PR eliminates the need for equipment disassembly during seal replacement and down-time and reduces overall maintenance costs. This seal is ideal for hot heater drain and boiler feed equipment where cooling to a single seal must be provided.


  • Stationary Seal Design – Ideal for high speed and large equipment
  • Internally Hydraulically Balanced - low heat generation
  • Self Centering – Squares the rotary face to the shaft for consistent reliable operation
  • Non-fretting – No wear to equipment sleeves and seal components
  • Monolithic Seal Faces with Compact Designs
  • Field Repairable - Seal components are easily replaced using original metal parts


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