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Slurry Seals 

170 Slurry Cartridge Single Seal

The 170 Slurry seal is engineered to operate in serve slurry environments eliminating costly external seal flushes. Plant efficiency improvements are achieved with the 170 seal by reducing product dilution and increasing production rates while meeting environmental concerns.


  • Non-clog pressure plate design
  • Micro-polished O-ring surfaces
  • Line-to-line hydraulically balanced seal faces
  • Optimal spring rate
  • Simple durable design
  • High-strength drive mechanisms

170L Slurry Cartridge Single Seal

Chesterton 170L is designed for sealing mineral-based process materials such as ores, limestone, coal, sugar, and phosphates, The innovative, non-clog seal uses a unique coil spring design in which the springs are located entirely outside the seal. It is engineered to fit Warman® AH® series pumps​​ without modification.


  • Runs longer in heavy abrasive slurries without the need for flush or quench water
  • Reliable design that addresses real life slurry pumping conditions
  • Easy to maintain

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