Group of Companies

Maintenance Specialty Products 

706 – Rustsolvo

  • High-quality, fast-acting, penetrating oil that reaches inaccessible areas and frees frozen nuts, bolts and fittings without damaging the base metal
  • Creeps into microscopic spaces.



723 – Sprasolvo

  • Fast-acting, penetrating oil in a convenient, non-flammable propellant aerosol can.
  • Excellent for hard-to-reach areas where rust, tar, grease and dirt may prevent easy removal of nuts, bolts and fittings.



723FG – Food Grade Sprasolvo

  • Food grade penetrating oil which reaches deeply to free frozen nuts, bolts and fittings without injury to the base metal.



730 – Spragrip

  • Superior, energy efficient belt dressing in a convenient aerosol can.
  • Lengthens the life of leather, rubber, canvas or plastic belts.
  • Reduces belt slippage for all V, flat and round belts.



800 – GoldEnd Tape

  • Heavy duty, high-density, tear resistant, mouldable, dry PTFE sealant tape for use on metal or plastic threads, pipes or bolts.


860 – Moldable Polymer Gasketing

  • A two-part, extrudable gasketing material that allows for the creation of ultra-thin gaskets in any size or shape.
  • Never sticks to surfaces.



900 – GoldEnd Paste

  • Non-hardening, non-corrosive, mouldable PTFE thread sealant and lubricant for the most difficult of sealing demands on pipe joints, pneumatic fittings and hydraulic line applications.



3500 – Valvelon

  • A dense, multi-layered, 100% PTFE sealant used as a non-hardening valve packing or flange gasket.
  • Unique construction allows it to squeeze in all directions to fill voids and conform to surface shapes.