Group of Companies

Coatings and Corrosion Protection

421 – Clear Protective Coating (CPC)

  • General protective acrylic coating provides a clear flexible film to protect against air, water, oils, chemicals and corrosion up to 80.
  • To be used wherever a water resistant, tough acrylic coating is desired on metal and wooden materials.



438 – PTFE Coating

  • Best combination of a clean, dry, PTFE based lubricant with a tough, protective coating that resists water and chemicals.
  • Reduces friction.



740 – Heavy Duty Rust Guard

  • Is a long term corrosion-preventative coating that provides heavy duty metal protection for all areas constantly exposed to humidity and corrosive fumes.



752 – Cold Galvanizing Compound

  • Zinc rich primer for metals exposed to atmospheric or corrosive conditions.
  • Cost-effective way to cold galvanize parts and finished product.



763 – Rust Transformer

  • A mild, natural acid-based product that electrochemically transforms rust into a corrosion inhibiting protective film.
  • Provides an excellent low-cost alternative to sand blasting for surface preparation.



775 – Moisture Shield

  • An efficient, clear, moisture-displacing and anti-corrosion protective film that protects metal parts and equipment for months.