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Ceramic Polymer Coatings 

Proguard 169  PU top coat with long-term stability to UV radiation

A highly crosslinked polyurethane topcoat with excellent physical properties. The glossy, nonporous surface is durably resistant to UV radiation and weathering.

  • Extreme UV stability and weather resistance
  • One-coat, fast curing (Opacity depends on colour. With light colors a second layer—wet-on-wet—may be necessary)
  • Simple application by airless spraying, roller, or cartridge system



Proguard CN 200 a.s. is an anti-statically conductive two pack

A Special composite coating containing mirco-ceramic particles and nano-particle reinforcement, based on an ultra-modern Novolac-resin base; providing chemical resistance, corrosion and

abrasion protection to a wide variety of substrates in extremely aggressive environments at elevated temperatures.


  • High antistatic properties
  • High temperature resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance