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Cartridge Mechanical seals 

150 General Purpose Single Seal

The 150 is a value leader in its class. It is the ideal choice to reduce high maintenance costs and prevent wasteful leakage, shaft fretting damage, and inefficient downtime. Designed for baseline applications and for upgrading packed or component sealed equipment, the 150 seal makes general industrial sealing simple, reliable and affordable .


  • Reduces high maintenance costs and prevent wasteful leakage, shaft fretting damage,
  • Installs easily and accurately
  • Avoids clogging
  • Heavy-duty drive lugs for enhanced torque capability
  • Optimized seal face geometrics


155 Standard Cartridge Single Seal

Built for the future of emissions control. The 155 Single Cartridge Seal is designed to meet environmental regulations for emissions control. It is a proven performer for plant-wide standardization providing maximum reliability.


  • Self-Centering Lock Ring™ ensures reliability
  • Superior reliability during system variations
  • Dynamic stress relief keeps faces closed
  • Face material interchangeability


180 Standard Cartridge Single Seal

The 180 Heavy Duty Single Seal is designed to eliminate all of the small deficiencies common to contemporary seals and be tolerant of system upsets and equipment imperfections.


  • Engineered to defend against common causes of seal failure
  • Full featured CPI Gland for complete environmental control capability
  • Patented centering mechanism ensures faces run true
  • Compact design fits ANSI, DIN and API pumps
  • Suitable for the broadest range of applications

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