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Bolting Reliability & Sealing Solutions 

723FG – Sprasolvo

  • Fast acting, penetrating oil.
  • Non-flammable propellant aerosol can.
  • Used for easy removal of nuts, bolts and fittings due to rust.


785FG – Parting Lubricant

  • Food grade anti-seize compound.
  • To assist in the assembly and disassembly of threaded parts.
  • Temp range: -34 - 1204


800 – GoldEnd Tape

  • 100% Pure PTFE Sealant Tape
  • Heavy-duty, high density, tear resistant, moldable sealing tape.
  • Can be used on metal or plastic threads, pipes or bolts.
  • Temp range: -240℃ - 260℃


860 – Moldable Polymer Gasketing

  • Flexible Gasketing Material
  • Two-part flexible gasket material which fills in surface irregularities.
  • Never sticks to surfaces after curing.
  • Fills gaps up to 6mm.


900 – GoldEnd Paste

  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-hardening moldable PTFE thread sealant.
  • Fills voids of thread fittings thereby preventing bypass of liquids and gases.


3500 – Valvelon

  • PTFE packing / sealant.
  • Dense, multi-layered, 100% PTFE sealant used as a non-hardening valve packing or flange gasket.
  • Unique design allows it to squeeze in all directions to fill voids and conform to surface shapes.

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